Couples Therapy Auckland

Isabella Van Hoye

Registered Psychotherapist MNZAP
Certified EFT Therapist (ICEEFT)


I currently work in private practice with individuals and couples. Having completed the externship, core skills training and certification in Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) I have found this approach most effective and empowering for couples, enabling both partners to safely explore and strengthen their emotional connection and relationship.

I have practised psychotherapy since 1994 when I qualified as a somatic psychotherapist in Paris, France. Upon my return to Auckland I have broadened my professional scope by integrating into my work a number of other approaches, which allows me to draw from humanistic and psychodynamic methods, so that I can be flexible and tailor my therapeutic style to suit each person and couple.

With 3 young adult children I enjoy my journey alongside them as well as having a keen interest in a variety of creative endeavours, walking and travelling.

Current Practice and areas of Special Interest

I am passionate and enjoy working with individuals and couples. I see couples arriving because they are distressed and feel disconnected in their relationship, often experienced in different ways creating a negative cycle. I help couples using the EFT model to discern and unpack their cycle that creates safety and gentle new ways of bringing about connection and change in their relationship. It is a journey often rewarded by discoveries of oneself and the other that is touching to witness. I specialise in helping with a variety of issues such as relationship difficulties, anger, stress, mind-body distress, anxiety, dealing with depression, lack of self-confidence/low self-esteem, moving through mid-life crisis, trauma, coping with bereavement and loss, and acculturation issues.

Contact and arrangements

1 Franklin Rd, Ponsonby 1011

Phone: 027 455 3166

Bilingual, I work both in English and French and I'm usually able to see people within a week or two.